Are You An Agent Who GETS IT?

As a buyers or sellers agent why should you want a thorough and objective home inspection from Pelican State Inspection?

 The reason for a buyer’s agent wanting a thorough and objective home inspection is obvious. It will protect the buyer. It can bring to light issues big and small. In today’s market most buyers barely have enough money to buy their dream home and the certainly don’t have extra money to repair surprises that can come up after the purchase. Let’s face it, some homes really need a lot of work.  A quality home inspection can bring  repair issues to the buyer’s attention. Some deals may fall apart because of the condition of the home, but if it happens your client will be thankful to you for recommending a through Home Inspection Report from Pelican State Inspection. You just saved your client money and helped them stay away from a house that might not right for them.  As a real estate agent you have earned your clients trust, future business, and referrals. A part of every home sale is to build the future of your business.  A happy client is a return client. 

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Seller’s agents should also want a detailed home inspection, but the reason is less obvious. A seller’s failure to disclose problems, repairs they have made, or other similar misrepresentations are a large source of lawsuits in the real estate industry today. Most sellers do not intentionally misrepresent. Many sellers simply forget about problems or repairs from many years ago. A detailed inspection can bring to light these issues before it is too late.  

A good home inspection and a well written, detailed inspection report from Pelican State Inspection can not only protect the buyer and the seller, it can also protect you, the agent. The better the home inspection the less likely you are to receive that dreaded call after the closing – “Do you remember us, the Smiths? We bought the house on 123 Problem Street. We found out yesterday that no one told us about this huge problem with the house. We have contacted our attorney over this matter …....”

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